Global Kingdom Consultancy

Is a full-spectrum emergency management consultancy, providing planning, response, recovery and mitigation services to the public and private sectors before, during and after a natural disaster or catastrophic event..

Global Kingdom Consultancy, LLC. (GKC)specializes in helping organizations prepare for, respond to, and recover from crises and disasters. Our team of experts has extensive experience in emergency management, disaster response, and business continuity planning.

Global Kingdom Consultancy, LLC. (GKC) compassionate consulting objective is to provide the necessary training in services to local, state, federal clients, active shooter,  disaster response, recovery, preparedness, Emergency Operations Plan and Crisis Intervention Management. We will be on time, on target, and on budget with facilitated courses that are uniquely designed and tailored specifically to public and private schools, federal agencies and business with the evolving threats and hazards facing our communities.

Global Kingdom Consultancy, LLC. (GKC) believes that every prospective client deserves one-on-one collaborative attention to further drive disaster preparedness with a modern-day approach that is relevant to the client’s needs. That's why we work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and tailor our services accordingly. This allows us to develop an all inclusive environment where ideas can thrive and develop the steps that offer a strategic approach to solutions that are culturally diversified and inclusive to Crisis Readiness, Response, and Recovery.

Anthony A Frank M.A


Anthony is the Chief Executive Officer of His Global Kingdom Consultancy LLC. His career spans over 18 years of multiple disciplines that include, disaster mental health, Disaster Preparedness, recovery and response, planning, training, and coordination, His career started as a swimming pool manager for the City of Cape Town after graduating from Cape Town Technical College with a Diploma in Sports and Recreation, while presenting the Provincial Lifesaving Team as Vice-Captain. In 1998 he was recruited by Camp America and worked for the United Methodist Church Summer Camps program as a Waterfront Director at camp Kinawind. After graduating from Liberty University with Masters in Crisis and Trauma Counseling in 2011, he pursued his Clinical supervision under Dr Osborn, psychologist for Sassafras Hill Counseling Center in Petal Mississippi. In 2014 he joins the American Red Cross, and become Disaster Frontline Supervisor and was deployed in numerous DR gaps, His passion for helping people in their time of need or emergency assistance, he pursued Crisis Intervention training with International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) and became an Approve Crisis Intervention Instructor in partnership with UMBC. He passed the Christian Clinical board exam With the American Christian Counseling Association and is currently a Board Certified Christian Clinical Counselor. In August 2015 He was deployed to assist in disaster recovery efforts in Saipan after typhoon Soldelor Hit the CNMI. In 2017 he returned to the CNMI with FEMA and Partnership with CNMI CARE to assist with long term recovery. After a nine-week deployment he decided to remain in the CNMI and join the Public School System as a middle School Math teacher. Today Anthony Frank is the GSEM (Grants to State for Schools Emergency Management) Project Director after joining PSS Emergency Management Department as a Crisis Response Specialist in 2021, he successfully establishes a 20 School Crisis Response Teams, as part of the grant narrative, he conducted numerous trainings under the PPD 8 (President Obama Directive for Disaster Preparedness) addressing prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery. In 2022 He successfully pioneered two Tsunami shoreline Drills evacuating more than 5000 students to safe zones. And implement an Incident Response Guide for School threats. Coordinating with all stakeholders and partner agencies. Part of the grant objective was to have a High-Quality School Emergency Operation plan which he spearheads with the School Emergency Response Teams addressing the 6 steps of planning in partnership with the REMS (Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools) He completed all the prerequisite ICS NIMS training and in 2022 He become a FEMS ICS K0449 Instructor and completed Instructor Candidate Training in Anniston Disaster Preparedness Center. Anthony can develop, implemented, and conduct the training courses including but not limited to emergency preparedness, response, and recovery



FEMA-led training Disaster Preparedness. FEMA-led Incident Command System (ICS). FEMA-led National Incident Management System. Creating Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)for schools and agencies Critical Incident Stress Management CISM, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) Developing a Crisis Management Plan (CMP) We also provide support during an actual crisis, helping organizations to manage the response and begin the recovery process.

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